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Antenna Tuning Day

pic1The temperature was in the sixties this morning and so it was time to erect the 40M inverted Vee I built a few weeks ago and trim it to length.

I could have done the job in my backyard but decided that it was a perfect opportunity to get out for a bit.  There is a nice park a few miles from my hows with great views. The ramada is down in a saddle between two hills so it is a lousy spot to try an make any contacts, but it is scenic nevertheless.

As you can see, the portable station fits in a plastic 50cal ammo can. Trimming the antenna for resonance at the bottom end of 40M went very quickly. (An aside: Antenna analyzers like my MFJ-269 are amazing tools. When I started in ham radio 35 years ago we had nothing like it.)

Did I make any contacts today?  No.  I didn’t expect to, given the limited time I had, my inexperience as a QRP operator, and my lousy location.  That will change.

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