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Actual Charging Capacity of 20W Solar Panel

Actual 20W Solar Panel Charging

In this photo you can see the actual rate of charge being supplied to the 12V gel cell battery by my 20W solar panel and charge controller.

Outside air temperature is about 60 degrees. The panel is pointed directly at the sun in a clear cloudless blue sky at about 9am.

The system (solar panel and charge controller) are producing 14.8 watts. That’s an efficiency of approximately 75% (I suspect that figure would be higher if the charge controller were MPPT instead of PWM). ¬†You can see that the system is producing 1.14A of current, which is more that what is required to simultaneously operate the Elecraft KX-1 and charge the Kenwood TH-F6A.

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  1. I followed your instructions even purchased the parts from the sources you listed. I live in florida the sun shine state. In the sun the panel produces 17-18vdc, then I hooked it to the sg4 controller nothing came out. I contacted the company that I purchased it from they sent me a second one, still didn’t work. No out put from the controller. I hooked my 12vdc 8ah battery to the controller out put side. I only was able to read the battery voltage. I purchased a controller of an other manufacturer. 12vdc 10 ah controller. It would charge the battery only to 12.1 vdc. My plans for this solar generator is to power my FT817 in the field. I have no I’ll felling so over the non operational controllers those things happen when dealing with chinese made part. My question is shouldn’t my system charge my battery more than 12.1vdc? Thank you for your guidance. Skip. W9GWV

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